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J.B. Pennington High School Continuous Improvement Plan 2019-2020

GOAL 1: Collaborate to increase student learning in all content areas. GOAL 2: Support English Learners in English Language Acquisition Tier I & Tier II Classroom Instruction:

• Teachers will plan for student learning targets using College and Career Ready Standards.

• Teachers will design learning activities that support an equitable learning environment and activities that relate directly to student learning targets

• Students will annotate and define their daily learning targets to assure understanding

• Teachers will refer to learning targets throughout the lesson

• Teachers will formatively assess each student during the lesson to determine if reteaching is necessary

• Students will engage in higher order thinking, acceptable discourse, problem solving exercises, and debate throughout their lessons

• Students will be summatively assessed to ensure efficacy of lessons

• Teachers will reteach if necessary Tier III Instruction:

• Daily, school-wide intervention that involves explicit and systematic instruction is delivered to students who have been identified as needing additional support in reading and/or math.

• Tier III students will receive transition classes that promote and maintain learning

• Tier III students will have specialized instructors in various classes to support learning in the regular classroom setting

• The Problem Solving Team (PST) reviews SCANTRON Performance Series reading and math assessments, grades, attendance, discipline referrals, and teacher referrals to identify students and place in intervention as determined by PST.

• As a result of initial fall testing data, low performing students in reading are screened for dyslexia tendencies. Qualifying students are immediately placed in an intensive reading intervention program and progress is documented. Parents receive updates about their child’s progress monthly.

• Teachers use scientifically researched-based programs such as (Mobymax, MindPlay, & IXL Learning) to target instructional and/or learning gaps.

• J.B. Pennington High School is a School-Wide Title I School and received $57,772 to spend as a result. PHS receives these federal funds to be used for all students. Spending of these funds is outlined in our CIP to meet student needs and increase student achievement. The CIP team meets with stakeholders to obtain feedback about student needs based on various forms of data. The CIP team gathers this feedback to prioritize the most beneficial resources, supplies, and personnel needed to meet student needs. Additional School Highlights:

• Teachers at PHS were awarded 6 grants from the Blount County Educational Foundational totaling over $4,000.00.

• PHS graduation rate has increased more than 10% over the previous 5 years. The graduation rate currently stands at 86%.

• EL students will receive core instruction from classroom teachers.

• Data is reviewed and students are supported in their effort to master the English Language. GOAL 3: Advocacy

• Teachers serve as teacher advisors through the PRIDE program.

• Teacher advisors meet with all students daily.

• Teachers review progress reports, transcripts, and report cards with their PRIDE group.

• Students will be assigned a teacher advisor in 7th grade. These students will keep that advisor for the remainder of their high school career.

• Because students keep the same advisor, they are able to establish a relationship with that teacher.

• Teacher advisors become a mentor for the student for social, emotional, physical and academic needs. GOAL 4: Collaborate to increase Family Engagement in the educational process

• The school and teachers will use a variety of media to connect with parents and the community. (E-Mail, Remind 101, PHS Website, Facebook, Twitter.)

• With the use of Title I funds the school has employed a parent liaison that maintains communication with parents

• As electronic information platforms evolve, PHS will research different methods of communication with students and parents with the criterion of safety first.

• The school offers summer camps supported by local stakeholders and community organizations. (Theater, Geocaching, and Photography)

• The school has increased the safety of all students, teachers, and staff by installing Raptor Ware which is a tool to help schools identify a potential threat by visitors entering the building.

• Volunteer opportunities are available for parents/guardians to be involved.

• Parents are invited to extracurricular activities after and during the regular school day. (Pep Rallies, Theater Performances, In-School athletic events, band concerts and performances, and beauty pageants.)

• Call-outs used by the district approved robo-call system will be made to advertise and inform stakeholders of pending events.

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